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An Olo'eyktan must wait to hear Eywa. A Tsahìk is always listening.

- Mo'at to her future successor, Neytiri.

The Tsahìk is the spiritual leader of a Na'vi clan, and the most important member next to the clan leader. The job of the Tsahìk is to interpret the will of Eywa, guide the clan spiritually, and perform important ceremonies such as Uniltaron and, in rare cases, the consciousness transfer.

Becoming a Tsahìk[]

In many cases, the Tsahìk is female and mates with the clan leader (Na'vi name: Olo'eyktan), however, there is deviation from this, such as in the case of Ikeyni, who is mates with her clan's Eyktan. Male Tsahìk have yet to be observed, though it is possible they exist, as the role of Olo'eyktan is not gender restricted. The Tipani Clan uniquely has a single leader who fills both the role of Tsahìk and Olo'eyktan.

Future Tsahìk[]

Like the Olo'eyktan, the Tsahìk will choose a successor to mentor during their life. Oftentimes, this is one of their children; Mo'at originally chose her eldest daughter Sylwanin to be her successor, but after her death, the role fell to Neytiri. The future Tsahìk and Olo'eyktan of a clan are sometimes arranged to become mates so that they can lead the clan together.

The future Tsahìk will spend their life training under the Tsahìk, especially learning how to listen for signs from Eywa, and perform ceremonies. The future Tsahìk must form a strong bond with Eywa and their ancestors to be able to read the mind and hearts of their clan, and lead them in spirit rather than in flesh.

Known Tsahìk[]







  • Tsahìk is also spelled and pronounced "Tsahik" in the film and games.