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Tsyal is a Na'vi who lived thousands of years prior to the humans' arrival on Pandora. She is a sprightly girl with an indomitable spirit. At the age of 15, along with Entu and Ralu, she ventured into the Hallelujah Mountains in order to tame a Great Leonopteryx.[2]


Tsyal, member of the Tawkami Clan, is the only child of a village chief who lost her mother at a tender age. She was raised by her grandmother with the help of other members of her clan, as is the custom among the Na’vi. Highly proficient in herbal lore, her grandmother was a chemist widely revered among the Tawkami for her unique remedies and concoctions. Tsyal’s clan is renowned throughout the land for their knowledge of chemistry and alchemy, and the abilities she inherited from her grandmother are transmitted every two generations through a special bond among clan members. Spurred by her grandmother’s legacy and wanting to live up to the expectations bestowed upon her, Tsyal has taken great pride in creating innovative mixtures and recipes of her own.

True to her clan nestled deep inside the primeval forests of Pandora, this easygoing, sprightly girl with an indomitable spirit has a cheerful nature and loves to play tricks. With a mere seed, she can put the fiercest beast to sleep; with the frailest-looking flower, she can induce the most beautiful dreams or provoke the most terrifying nightmares. Such is the tremendous power of the natural elements that Tsyal and her clan have learned to understand and harness.[3]

Toruk - The First Flight[]

When a volcanic eruption threatened the Tree of Souls, the two Na'vi of the Omatikaya Clan Entu and Ralu traveled to the Hallelujah Mountains in search of the Great Leonopteryx. On their journey, they entered one of the Tawkami clan territories where they were attacked by viperwolves. Tsyal, with the help of the tranquil seed, managed to neutralize the pack and later joined Entu and Ralu. Exposing herself to the wrath of her own clan, she stole a tranquil seed for them, one of the five artifacts they need to obtain to tame the great leonopteryx.

Together they roamed the territories of the Anurai, Tipani and Kekunan clans; the latter showed them the way to the place where the toruk most often hunts. While trying to tame the Leonopteryx, Ralu was injured and Tsyal took care of him. This time, the two Na'vi grew close and became a couple. Meanwhile, Entu, entrusted with the task by Ralu, tamed the toruk and became the first Toruk Makto in history by saving the Tree of Souls from destruction.

It is not known whether Tsyal returned to her clan or joined the Omatikaya.


Tsyal Pandora Rising Art

Unused art from Avatar: Pandora Rising

  • There was some artwork of Tsyal in the game files of Avatar: Pandora Rising, but she was not a playable Commander before the game shut down.


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