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Umkansa Village
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The Tree of Vision at the northern end

Umkansa Village is a small Na'vi settlement in the north west of Vaderas Hollow. In 2152, it was the site of many clashes with the RDA, most likely due to its proximity to Camp Phalanx. The only way into the village on the ground is through the camp. The village itself is flat and focused around a large boulder which sits at the center. It is surrounded by cliffs on almost every side, with only the pass to the south open. The village is also home to several species of plant, including the Puffball Tree. The head of the village is Mendala.

There is a Tree of Vision in the village.

Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder visited the village whilst searching for a harmonic in the area. There were many wounded from a recent clash with Sec Ops forces, and so Mendala had him go and find their healer Fmilam.