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Unobtanium Shard
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Unobtanium shards or catalysts are small crystals found on Pandora.

The shards of unobtanium have developed in a symbiotic relationship with willow trees, holistically channeling organic energy to emit mysterious harmonic frequencies. The Na'vi refer to these harmonics as "Songs of Eywa". When two or more shards are "tuned" around a willow tree, it is believed the tree will emit a new harmonic that can be interpreted by elder Na'vi, such as the Tsahìk.

In Avatar: The Game, the shards are a key flashpoint between the humans and Na'vi. Both parties intended on using the harmonics to locate the lost Well of Souls. After instruction from Lungoray, Able Ryder was able to collect all the shards and draw out the harmonics, which ultimately led him to discover the lost site.

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