What got me into the Avatar movie and Sci Fi Genre

When i first seen the avatar movie in 2019 i suddenly was inspired by it, seeing the beautiful connections the Na'vi has with thier planet, a both Spiritually and Neuralogicly advanced race, which i found amazingly Beautiful just like Doctor Grace Augestine was. Also the advanced technology the humans aka the RDA had, the avatar movie was what officailly pulled me into loving the Sci-Fi genre, and eventually involving other major sci fi frachises.

Im in the process of creating a RP universe composed of all my favorite Sci-Fi movies and games along with some of my own added stuff. It is known as the Null Alliances Universe.

My OC Angelic Wolf Covina Merovech is my primary Character used in the story, he also has his own command ship the CES Agemenda which is a prototype ship of its class, using Chronon based technology and weaponry. His company Covina Enterprises commisions both ships and technology for the UEG and the NACN (Null Alliance Colonial Navy).

I also had done some of my own avatar drawings and art, but was lost due to moving to a different state.

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