Super update on the upcoming AVATAR Collector's Edition Blu-ray for you! It is not just the extended AVATAR movie you will be buying, but a heckuva lot more.

Bleedingcool (original source BBFC) has outlined the following disc details:

  • Deleted Scenes - Never Before Seen: Wow - a astonishing 68 minutes and 4 seconds!
  • User's Guide For Viewing Unfinished Shots: 3 minutes, 10 seconds.
  • "The Night Before AVATAR": 4 minutes, 46 seconds.
  • Production Shorts 1: Sculpting AVATAR, The AMP Suit, Na'vi Costumes, Speaking Na'vi and Pandora Flora. Total featurette time is ~27 minutes.
  • Test Footage From BROTHER TERMITE: James Cameron was going to adapt this novel into a movie! An alien invasion story. Cameron used some performance capture in this footage and it never did get made. 2 minutes of this test footage is included.

Look for the DVD and Blu-ray AVATAR Collector's Edition to be launched November 16. The 3D Blu-ray will apparently be bundled with new Panasonic 3DTV purchases exclusively for the short term.


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