Avatar is a movie that would explore the world of glowing plants and animal as well as blue-skinned humanoids called Na'vi. Glowing land plants and fungi are the most stunning element of the film. That is what so cool about the nights if I was on Pandora. It makes me think it would be tremendously cool for people to have those in the backyards back on Earth, well artificially made fake ones using solar energy. In real life, glowing plants and fungi are mainly found underwater on Earth, but land bioluminescent organisms is likely more common on other worlds, just like on this world relative to Earth in this film. The world I'm talking about is Pandora, which is actually a moon that orbits around a gas giants in the Goldilocks zone around Alpha Centauri A, which is part of the nearest star system to Earth at 4.3 light-years away. Perhaps if there's an Earth-like planet around one of these stars (such a planet was already detected around Proxima Centauri), it might have life on its surface that glows just like in the movie.

Na'vi is a species that can be controlled by a human interface called avatar, like using a remote to control a toy dinosaur. Na'vi would have confrontation with their hostile aliens, that is us from Earth. The rainforest is lush, and got huge deposits of unobtainium that is incredibly expensive to mine, in fact, 12 kg of unobtainium would be needed to make this very film! To get that material, the terrestrial military had to knock down the world's biggest tree that is Hometree, even bigger and taller than the Earth's tallest tree that is Redwood in California. Because Hometree is so tough and root is so broad, they had to use two dozen rounds of missile to knock the whole thing down. During the epic fall, Na'vi and the tribes had to get out of way while some of them was killed. That was the saddest as well as the most dramatic part of the movie. Eventually peace will be restored.

Avatar was the most popular movie released in 2009. This is just one of the non-Christmas films released during the holiday season. I describe Avatar as a movie that give them wonder how life would look on other worlds and give them sneakpeek at how the humans would interact with exosolar tribes in the future when manned interstellar travel becomes feasible. Before we become real life Avatars, let's watch several more sequels when they come out..


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