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Valley of Mo'ara
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Pandora: The World of Avatar

The Valley of Mo'ara is a region in Pandora where the native Na'vi and human ex-pats live in peaceful co-existence. With the assistance of Alpha Centauri Expeditions, Mo'ara has a thriving eco-tourism industry.

The air in the Valley of Mo'ara is similar to that on Earth, meaning that humans can breathe without the use of exopacks.[1] Many Resources Development Administration buildings and structures have been reclaimed by nature and taken over by ACE and the locals, including the bridge that leads to the ACE base camp and various businesses that cater to tourists.[2][3]

The Omaticaya Clan lives in the mountains surrounding Swotu Wayä, the heart of the Valley, and can occasionally be heard yelling in approval of the drum ceremonies held by humans in the area.[4]

The Valley of Mo'ara is near the Kaspavan River, an area home to various Pandoran creatures and the Shaman of Songs. A floating mountain range where young Na'vi undergo Iknimaya and tourists can ride banshees, surrounds the area.[5][6]

Valley of Mo'ara Sign


  • ACE Base Camp
  • Kaspavan River
  • Swotu Wayä
  • Avatar Program Facility


  • Satu'li Canteen (run by ACE)
  • Pongu Pongu (run by an ex-pat)
  • Windtraders (run by ACE)
  • Colors of Mo'ara (run by ex-pats)