Vayaha Village
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Vayaha Nesting Area

The ikran nesting area, far above the village.

Vayaha Village is a small Na'vi settlement at the base of Iknimaya. The village is situated to the north of Iknimaya itself. The base of the mountain can be reached via several narrow passages. The village itself is built on several tiers, onto the sides of the cliff. A river flows through the center of the village, far beneath the walkways that crisscross the upper levels. Na'vi can move up an down by climbing the plants that grow around the structures. The central tower is the highest part of the village accessible on foot.

Above the main village, there are several stone arches. There is also an ikran nesting area high up on the cliff, for the residents' mounts. The village is home to several species of plant, including warbonnet ferns, pineapple plants and bladder polyps. A tunnel to the south leads into Glo'lryc Caves, and a channel in the northeast connects the Outskirts. There is also a narrow route around the cliffs that leads into Hermit Cove and its large totem above the valley floor.

Avatar: The GameEdit

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Beydaamo in Vayaha

Beyda'amo at his place in the village near the western entrance

If sided with the Na'vi, Able Ryder and Dr. Harper arrive at the village by direhorse. After attempting to gain the trust of the leading warrior of the Tipani clan, Beyda'amo, Ryder leaves the village in search of his ikran. Later on, the village is attacked by a large group of RDA troops, including a Dragon Assault Ship. Ryder is able to critically damage the ship and so save the village. Another one crashes into the recently acquired link shack, resulting in the death of Dr. Harper.

There is a Tree of Vision in the village.


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