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Vein Pod
Flora Information


Na'vi Name

Varumut - bad (smell) ball tree


Obesus fenestralis

Behind the scenes
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The vein pod (Na'vi name: varumut meaning "bad (smell) ball tree") is related to the puffball tree and puffer, both of which are considered keystone species on planet Pandora for their important role in maintaining the stability of the environment. The globular balls produced at the tops of vein pod trees and the end of their branches act as sponges, absorbing methane from the atmosphere. This function is similar to that of the plant vacuole at the cellular level, which sequesters plant waste products and other molecules such as pigments and minerals. Because of their ability to sequester methane, these plants emit a strong foul odor and are usually avoided.

Methane is combustable and highly explosive when it builds up to high concentrations. However, because methane is less dense than the air on Pandora, the pods will detach and drift when they enlarge to a certain size. Explosions usually occur after the pods have detached and drifted off, making them relatively harmless to life on Pandora.


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