Velocivirus in a jar

Velocivirus is a virus of unknown origin that has become an invasive species on Pandora. Captured specimens of the species are featured in the queue for the Flight of Passage attraction at Pandora: The World of Avatar.

The colonial-cooperative organism resembles sea urchins and is able to survive space travel by attaching itself to transport ships. It is common protocol to flare the engines before entering a planet's atmosphere to burn them off. However, as this cost fuel and money, some often ignored this, resulting in their introduction into the Pandoran ecosystem by the Resources Development Administration.

The viral organisms travel and echolocate by using micro-vibrations and have a hemorragic effect that dissolves and co-opts living tissue exposed to it. As part of their research, the Pandora Conservation Initiative has been studying ways to kill the viral creatures, with captured specimens in jars being seen in their laboratories in the Valley of Mo'ara.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The velocivirus is inspired by various invasive species on Earth, introduced into ecosystems they weren't originally a part of due to human negligence.

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