Viper Armor
Viper Armor
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Viper Armor is used by RDA SecOps soldiers on Pandora. Lightweight and mobile, this fabric-woven armor still offers solid protection against blunt trauma and small arms projectiles. A reliable bio-genetic amplification system assists in the day to day activities of the user.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Edit

Viper Armor is seen multiple times throughout the game. It is the first armor that Able Ryder wears, and he does so when he is deployed to the Blue Lagoon region. He wears the armor for all of his missions there, and he is also seen wearing the armor when sitting in a Samson helicopter after leaving Blue Lagoon. The helicopter is brought down over the Needle Hills region, and Ryder receives a stronger armor called Warthog Armor right after he crash lands. Viper Armor offers about 0.75/20 protection, 4.2/20 vitality, and 6.7/20 mobility. Because the stats are so low, the armor should never be worn by the player in any other region except the Blue Lagoon. Doing so could very likely result in the player's death, especially in later regions of the game, such as the Hanging Gardens or Plains of Goliath. The armor is worn by many non-player RDA SecOps soldiers, particularly in the Blue Lagoon and Plains of Goliath Regions. These soldiers that wear Viper Armor usually wield Assault Rifles and Grenade Launchers. The armor does not appear to have much of an effect on the non-player characters health, as it does on the actual players health. A notable character who wears Viper Armor is Dalton.

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