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The Masa-Cirre Ltd. SN-9 WASP is a modern, full-featured revolver seen in use as a sidearm by some RDA SecOps personnel, including Colonel Miles Quaritch. It is not a RDA-issued weapon, but is a popular choice for private acquisition by those who find SecOps' standard-issue Hirte & Fahl automatic pistol inadequate for their needs. Like contemporary revolvers, the WASP has a distinct reliability advantage over automatic pistols, and its powerful round is more effective against dangerous Pandoran predators and attacking Na'vi than the standard sidearm's cartridge.

Design & Performance[]

The SN-9 WASP's basic operating principle is identical to that of contemporary revolvers; repeating fire is achieved by the use of a revolving breechblock (the cylinder) containing multiple preloaded chambers, which align with and fire through a single barrel. It has a composite frame and is a break-open design, in which the frame is hinged below the cylinder and swings open to allow access to the cylinder from the rear. Unlike fixed-cylinder and swing-out designs, this layout allows access to all chambers simultaneously for loading using clips or speedloaders, as well as allowing cylinders to be removed and swapped. The WASP's cylinder has 8 chambers.

The WASP is a gas-operated, selective-fire automatic revolver, featuring 2-round burst and fully automatic modes in addition to semi-automatic fire. (It should be noted that automatic revolvers are distinct from double-action types in using energy from the firing of the round, rather than trigger pull, to operate the action. Contemporary examples, such as the Mateba Autorevolver, have been produced.) The WASP fires a proprietary, 9mm cartridge which uses a high-velocity, sub-caliber sabot projectile, offering superior penetration characteristics. Accessories available for the WASP include an underslung tactical light/laser pointer and an electronic scope with IR and movement detection. When equipped with the scope, the weapon is stated to have an accurate range of 135 meters. Quaritch's WASP is equipped with both units. The WASP's distinctive appearance is primarily a result of its streamlined frame, shrouded barrel, break-open design and olive drab finish on frame and cylinder.


The WASP appears in Avatar.

  • Colonel Miles Quaritch carries this weapon throughout the film.
  • Colonel Quaritch uses his WASP to fire on Samson 16 in an attempt to prevent the escape of Grace Augustine's team from Hell's Gate following the Destruction of Hometree.
  • During the Assault on the Tree of Souls, Colonel Quaritch's C-21 Dragon gunship is boarded, attacked and damaged by Jake Sully. When Sully prepares to throw a missile into one of the ship's rotors, Quaritch opens an emergency hatch and fires on Sully with his WASP in an unsuccessful last-ditch attempt to prevent the Dragon's destruction. However, Sully dodges and throws the missile, which is ingested into the rotor. The resulting explosion is seen to knock the WASP out of Quaritch's grasp.

The WASP reappears in Avatar: The Way of Water.

  • Colonel Miles Quaritch as a Recombinant warrior still possesses a WASP revolver, holstered on his left hip for cross draw action.[1]


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