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This article is about the site from the game. You may be looking for the Tree of Souls.

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The Well of Souls
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Tantalus, Pandora

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Avatar: The Game

The Well of Souls is a spiritual site in the Tantalus region of Pandora. The RDA consider the site to be potentially more potent than the similarly-named Tree of Souls.[1] It is situated on a large floating platform, and appears to resemble a large willow tree.

The Hunt for the Site[]

Prior to 2152, the site was considered 'forgotten', its location lost to history. However, when the RDA realise that control of such a site would grant them the ability to manipulate a large section of Pandora, if not the whole moon, they begin to search for it. They planned on using an aggressive psionic emulator machine nearby, configuring the machine to tap into the Tree of Souls's energies deep in the moon's core. The Na'vi likewise begin their own search, with the goal of activating the dormant site themselves to prevent such a catastrophe.

Many of the ensuing battles that took place across Pandora revolved around shards and harmonics, the keys to discovering the location of the site. Each of the four harmonics was concealed within one of the sacred willow groves- Willow Tree in FEBA, Willow Tree in Torukä Na'rìng, Willowglade, Willow Tomb and Willow Island, the latter of which was destroyed by human bombing efforts during the conflict.

Eventually, Able Ryder and Commander Falco faced one another in a race across the Tantalus region, the home of the Well of Souls. In the Na'vi storyline, Ryder's Great Leonopteryx was just able to make it in time, and the ensuing wave of radiation released upon activation of the site downed Falco's Dragon Assault Ship.

In the RDA storyline, the reverse occurs, and humanity gained the ability to manipulate the species of Pandora.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The original Project 880 script featured a sacred site by this name, later renamed to the Tree of Souls. The video game use of the title applies to a separate site.


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