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Western Frontier
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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

The Western Frontier is a continent of Pandora explorable in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.


The Western Frontier is located across the moon from where the Omatikaya live.[1]It is apparently located west of Bridgehead.[citation needed]

It is the land of the Aranahe Clan, the Kame'tire Clan and the Zeswa Clan.

Colonization of the Western Frontier[]

By 2169, the RDA had expanded its operations into the continent. The Western Frontier is particularly rich in natural gases and fuels, making it a key location for the RDA.[1][2] Various facilities were set up, poisoning the area, leading to conflict between human and Na'vi forces.[3]

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  • The Western Frontier is very reminiscent to North America due to many of it's biomes being reminiscent to North America's (Clouded Forest with Redwoods and PNW Temperate Forests and the Upper Plains to the Great Plains). Also, North America pre-colonization was known as the Wild West, hence the Western Frontier having a similar vibe.