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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Willow Island was a floating island far above Vaderas Hollow. The area on top of it is similar to the Tree of Souls, with the willow it was named after in a slight depression in the land. The island is a harmonic site, one of the keys to the lost Well of Souls. Ascending the summit was seen as a rite of passage for Na'vi of the Tipani clan. It was destroyed in 2152.


Millions of years ago, a volcanic caldera collapsed, leaving a basin. Over the eons, water filled the basin and eroded away the surface sediment, leaving a huge unobtanium mesa free to float majestically above the lake. This mesa eventually became Willow Island, attached to the ground only by two bridges of vines that lead into what are now Camp Phalanx and the Stretch.

Avatar: The Game[]

Able Ryder had been in the Vaderas Hollow earlier, gathering together unobtanium shards. He climbed up to the island via one of the bridges, and then started drawing the harmonic. The RDA SecOps attacked the island under an order given by Commander Falco, who wanted the tree destroyed to prevent anyone else from gathering the harmonic. Ryder succeeded in drawing the harmonic beforehand, and he and Tan Jala escaped on their ikran with only moments to spare.


The island is blown apart

Mere seconds after Ryder and Tan Jala escaped, a Dragon Assault Ship bombed the island, resulting in its utter destruction. However, after you have completed the game, you can go back to Willow Island, where some Na'vi live. The entrances are blocked by rocks, but there is a way to climb over them and get to Willow Island.