This article is about the plant. You may be looking for the the site in Torukä Na'rìng or the site in the FEBA.
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The willow tree is a plant native to Pandora. Interestingly, it is capable of growing both above and below ground, as examplified by one that grew in the Cavern of Songs. It resembles the terran willow and the tree of voices. The tree's long branches are neural links, similar to the Na'vi queues, which connect Eywa to the flora and fauna of the moon. As a critical part of this neural system, willows are sacred to the Na'vi.

Avatar: The GameEdit

In the game, willow trees are pivotal to the plot in both storylines. The player has to gather unobtanium shards in the region and then place them around the tree to withdraw a harmonic. These harmonics are important, because together, they reveal the location of the dormant Well of Souls.


In the PC/PS3/360 version of the game, one willow tree is found in every region, with the exception of the Plains of Goliath, Iknimaya and the Blue Lagoon.

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