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Willowglade is a sacred glade of willow trees in the north west of the Swotulu region. The glade is in darkness, bathed in eternal twilight by the natural bioluminescence of the flora and fauna in there. Beneath the bedrock of the glade lies a large rift of unobtanium, which may be the reason the strange glade flourishes. The Swotulu river flows through the area, and there are naturally occurring crystals in clusters all over the glade. In the depths of the glade lies the Cavern of Songs. A wide range of animals inhabit the glade, including direhorses and viperwolves. There are also many woodsprites that float through the area. The glade is of utmost cultural importance to the Tipani clan.

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An unobtanium shard in Willowglade

Under Unipey's directions, Able Ryder followed the unobtanium shards through Swotulu to find the sacred Willowglade. He was met there by Lungoray, who had him collect the three unobtanium shards in the area in preparation for drawing the harmonic. An RDA sniper killed Lungoray before this could be done, but Tan Jala avenged him and Able Ryder was able to draw the harmonic himself. Once this was done, an ikran rider arrived at the entrance of the cavern to take Able Ryder to the Tipani Hometree.