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David Kaye

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Winslow is a tough and headstrong SecOps officer who has seen it all on Pandora. A headstrong merc, he won't put up with crap from anyone. He wears Militum Armor.


He is first seen in Avatar: The Game if the player sides with the RDA, rallying SecOps forces in Needle Hills against a massive attack from banshees. Winslow loans a Scorpion Gunship to Ryder so that he can rescue Kendra Midori and a wounded Samson pilot, as well as eliminate the nests that house the attacking banshees.

Hanging Gardens[]

He later appears in the Hanging Gardens, and sends Ryder off to reactivate a repulsor pod and meet Batista. Upon completion of those tasks and the tasks from Batista, Winslow then reports that he has detected life signs on RDA sensors matching those of the traitors Langley and Epstein, and sends Ryder to terminate both the scientists and their avatars. Once Ryder has killed the two traitors and completed tasks given to him by Kendra Midori, Winslow then reports that he has managed to pinpoint the exact location of a life sign belonging to the traitor Dr. Harper deep in the Lost Cathedral, though he is unsure whether it is really him. After Ryder manages to kill Harper and his avatar, he reports back to Winslow that Harper is confirmed dead, to which Winslow compliments Ryder, saying that he "wished he was on Pandora ten years ago.... could've saved a lot of lives" and that "we'll both get medals for this, partners and all".

Fighting on the Plains of Goliath[]

Winslow then makes his final appearance at the Plains of Goliath, being deployed as part of the RDA offensive to seize the area; he tells Ryder to meet with the new SecOps commanding officer, Colonel Quaritch, saying that Quaritch is "a real ass-kicker". If the player remains with the RDA during the final battle for the Well of Souls, Winslow gives an order to kill one of the three Na'vi leaders who are commanding Na'vi forces against the RDA offensive. Upon termination of Winslow's marked Na'vi target, Ryder tells Winslow that the leader is now dead, to which Winslow remarks that Ryder is "The best we've got" and that he will see Ryder "on the other side if we [the RDA] win this war."

Ryder reassures Winslow that the RDA will definitely win the war and tells him to simply take care of himself. Winslow replies with a sentimental "Always."

If the player sides with the Na'vi, then Winslow is killed by Able Ryder.