Wolf Tick
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Mainly blue and purple, with yellow highlights

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Project 880

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Avatar: Pandora Rising

Wolf Ticks are parasites that live on Pandora. They parasitize on the body of animals.

History[edit | edit source]

Project 880[edit | edit source]

Wolf Ticks only appears briefly in Project 880 (the old script of Avatar).

Nearby somebody screams. Several hideous insects, almost a foot across, are leaping from the body of the titanothere and trying to fasten their hook-like legs into some of the troopers. With the host dead, the parasitic Wolf Ticks are looking for a new ride. A frantic burst of firing breaks out, as the soldiers jump around, trying to kill the fast-moving parasites.

Project 880

Avatar: Pandora Rising[edit | edit source]

An ancient Titanothere lumbers through the battlefield, infested with aggressive Wolf Tick passengers that opportunistically seek out new prey. Once the Elder Titan is taken down, Wolf Ticks burst out of its massive carcass, viciously biting nearby enemies. Overrun your opponent's defenses by drawing enemy focus to a defensive Troop right before the Elder Titan dies[1].

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