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Medical Center

The Zone Control is an area in the west of the Kxanìa Taw region. It is the RDA's largest base in the region, surrounded by a security fence. It contains a helipad, a control tower, several satellite dishes and numerous smaller buildings around the A3 Medical Center. There are two gates in the fence, which connect the base to the Excavation Site and Eywa's Walk.

Avatar: The Game[]

Beyda'amo led an attack on the base in 2152. They caused a herd of sturmbeest to charge at the main gate, which was not shut in time and was easily thrown aside by the charging animals. The warriors of the Tipani clan followed in their wake, combatting the remaining Security Operations forces while Able Ryder went after the unobtanium shard that was under guard in one of the buildings. With the shard in hand, he headed north towards Eywa's Walk.